Companies Law

Our office has significant specialization in companies law and provides services related to a large spectrum of companies law matters, covering the entire range of issues concerning the establishment and organization of companies in Greece and abroad, including among other things, drawing up Articles of Association, shareholder agreements, BoD and General Meeting minutes, regulation of intercompany relations, the conclusion of corporate agreements and shareholders agreements.


We also offer consulting related to the rights and obligations of BoD members, the needs of listed companies.


In the framework of our activities in the relevant field, we support businesses on an ongoing basis, we represent our customers, offer legal consultation, as well as all types of support in or out of court.


In particular, the most important matters our office works with are:

  • Establishment of companies, with specialized advise as regards the selection of the appropriate vehicle for the business activities of our customers and the establishment of foreign company branches.
  • Legal assistance in mergers and acquisitions related both to the optimum tax planning of transactions and tax audit with due diligence.
  • Taxation and tax planning, appeals against VAT imposing acts.\
  • Content and limitations of powers, as well as responsibilities of managers/members of the Board of Directors.
  • Corporate governance, shareholders agreements and establishment of joint companies.
  • Minority interests.